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Michael Feifer, a verteran filmmaker with over twenty years of experience, joined forces with Wayne Frisch, a business veteran with vast business and technology experience in the corporate world, to start Pushcart Entertainment in September of 2011. Mike dabbled with the idea of starting a filmmaker's distribution company ever since working with his father in the 1990's selling films in the international market but it wasn't until his cousin, Wayne, decided to partner with him that Pushcart came to fruition. Now with twenty films acquired and the 2012 American Film Market behind them, Pushcart Entertainment is prepared to take on the world with an ever growing slate of films, tv shows, and new media.

Pushcart Entertainment's main purpose is to eliminate the inequities independent filmmakers face when bringing their product to market. In an effort to provide a quicker return on investment Pushcart offers realistic marketing fees, hands on development of trailers and key art, and, if needed, guidance to finish their films so that they're ready for the marketplace. Mike and Wayne understand firsthand how to navigate the many challenging distribution channels thereby bringing the most returns possible to a filmmaker. Additionally, with their technology experience they're able to take advantage of the ever evolving sales channels that constantly propagate such as VOD.


Wayne Frisch-Co-President

Wayne Frisch has extensive business experience both in the corporate world and with smaller companies. While at Disney, Frisch managed projects for various websites supported by the Disney Internet group (WDIG) and the launch of Toon Town. During his time at Trader Joe's he was responsiblile for the WMS distribution center application development, new distribution center implementations, and user support/training. And, at Guitar Center he developed and implemented a PMO Office standardizing project methodology while providing proper controls and reporting for management.

During the mid 1990's, Frisch ran a DVD distribution business when interactive DVDs were just starting to emerge. He expanded the product line and opened several international territories. He exhibited in international tradeshows such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the largest book and media fair in the world - with around 7500 exhibitors from over 110 countries. At that time he was also successful in getting various titles directly into several large US computer retailers such as Micro Center.

Frisch is eternally supported by his wife Gayle and their three daughters, Taylor, Alexa, and Brianna.

Michael Feifer-Co-President

Michael Feifer was born in Brooklyn, New York but when his father, who worked for 20th Century Fox as head of television research, was transferred to Los Angeles the entire family headed cross country. Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Feifer attended elementary school with Ed Asner's, OJ Simpson's and Peter Guber's children along with future producer and director JJ Abrahms. But when Feifer's parent's divorced, his mother moved Feifer and his two siblings further west. Strangely enough he moved directly across the street from the longtime editor of Variety, Tom Prior. And, yet with all of that Hollywood influence early on in life, Feifer would grow up to pursue a career in Architecture.

After graduating high school Feifer went on to the University of Colorado at Boulder to study Architecture where he flourished as a designer. Here at Boulder, Feifer developed a strong visual sense and style. An education in perspective, composition, color, etc. would ultimately prove to be vital to his directing career. But, of course, again Hollywood would have an influence in Feifer's life when his father began to produce independent films. And, when Feifer graduated college he took the opportunity to work on one of the films and quickly acquired the "film bug". A desire to become an Architect was soon replaced with an overwhelming desire to make movies. And, after only working on three features, Feifer produced his first film for his father, Witchcraft V. While producing for his father Feifer learned the "nuts and bolts" of film production. Most importantly, he mastered the art of making a quality film on-time and on-budget yet with very little money.

Along, with overseeing all of his father's film productions, Feifer also ran the home video label and became vice-president of foreign sales, which brought him to the major film and television markets. Selling films would provide Feifer with a strong understanding of the distribution game. More importantly, his experience in distribution helped Feifer understand filmmaking from a global perspective.

Eventually, Feifer would spread his wings and move on from his father's company and began to produce many more films for a wide variety of independent production companies.

Also, during this time Feifer would freelance as a graphic designer creating logos, brochures, etc. but mainly creating key art for other film production companies. Mastering programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator while refining his graphic eye would also prove to be invaluable when directing.

But, as much as Feifer enjoyed the business of making movies, the creative aspect of filmmaking was a powerful force that drew him in. So, to educate himself in the art of directing, Feifer began to 1st AD the films that he was producing. 1st ADing gave him invaluable experience learning the film language hands on, setting up shots, and creatively working with cast and crew.

And, finally after producing over 30 movies and 1st ADing ten he got an opportunity to direct the feature film, Grayson Arms, starring Jennifer Carpenter and Judd Nelson. After setting up his very first shot, Feifer realized that his artistic background finally made sense...sculpting and drawing since childhood, the graphic design jobs, and especially the many late nights in the studio dreaming up architectural designs.

And since his first feature in 2005, Feifer has directed more than thirty features including the critically acclaimed Soda Springs which won best film at Louisville's International Film Festival and the Sun Valley Film Festival, Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas for which he won best director at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Abandoned, a suspense/thriller starring Brittany Murphy, Dean Cain, Mimi Rogers and Peter Bogdonovich and The Dog Who Saved Christmas which was the highest rated cable movie when it aired November 29th, 2009.

Also, in 2006 and 2007, Feifer was honored to line produce and 1st AD Wilde Salome, a very personal project of Al Pacino's in which Mr. Pacino directed and starred. The experience with Mr. Pacino is something that Feifer will always cherish and appreciate.

And yet with all of his success in the business, Feifer's biggest achievement his family; his wife Caia and his ten year old son Coley. They not only support Feifer's career as a director, writer, producer, and now film distributor but they also participate in the business with him.


Pushcart did a great job representing my movie, Soda Springs. I will be using them again in the near future.
--Jay Pickett--

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